Here at FNGRJAM we love to enjoy the outdoors - Specifically we love climbing.  From the first time we set our hands on the rock it has been our passion or honestly - addiction.  

From time to time we spend days on end in the gym training.  What for though?  So we can be good at pulling on plastic? No, so that we can set objectives, get outside, and if the stars align - complete them.  That means when we get out there we don't have time for rest days.  Every. Day. On.

So, how can we possibly climb every day, all day?  For starters - Take care of your skin.  Not only take care of it, but feel good about it while doing so.  FNGRJAM was born out of the need for something more.  We made it using all natural ingredients that have an amazing texture, smell unbelievable, and do what they are supposed to do - Keep you climbing.  That's it.

Currently FNGRJAM is looking for people to help spread the word - Contact us for more information and keep climbing!