Tracie Podsednik

Climber Spotlight // Tracie Podsednik

Hometown: Bakersfield, ca
Currently:  West Sacramento, California

Status: Awesome
Marital Status: Married
Offspring: 1, Ranger
Profession:  teacher

Home Gym:  Yes, also Sacramento Pipeworks

Preferred type of climbing: Anything

Favorite place to climb: oh man, bishop is special because I have so many memories going back so many years there... Red Rock(s) and Squamish are also amazing. Then there is Tahoe! It's hard to choose! 

Favorite Food: pasta

Favorite Beverage: tea - hot or cold, or a nice IPA...

How long have you been climbing? 9 years

Why do you climb? Because of how it makes me feel. It is challenging mentally and physically and it has shown me what I am capable in a way few other things have. It shows me I am stronger than I think I am (even on "weak" days).

Favorite Band? Of all time? Beatles. Yeah, I'm that guy. 

Favorite Music? Rock, classic rock, indie, some classic country, some pop

Hobbies other than climbing? Well, climbing has kind of taken over - also reading, travel, hanging with my family, and cooking

Anything else? Sharing a love of climbing with my amazing husband of over 11 years is the best part of this passion, and it has strengthened our relationship so much. It has also brought me the most amazing group of friends a person could ask for. It's so much more than just a sport. 

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