Steven Podsednik

Climber Spotlight // Steven Podsednik

Hometown: Nipomo, California
Currently:  West Sacramento, California

Status: Awesome
Marital Status: Married
Offspring: 1, Ranger
Profession:  Student

Home Gym:  Yes, also Sacramento Pipeworks

Preferred type of climbing: Anything

Favorite place to climb: So hard to choose, wherever there are rocks and friends, is my favorite place to climb 

Favorite Food: sandwiches and chips, I'm a simple man

Favorite Beverage: coffee, black

How long have you been climbing? 9 years

Why do you climb? This could be a five page long answer...I climb because I feel like it's the first place where I walked in, started doing something, and thought "this is it, this is my thing".  It relieves my stress and makes me happy. 

Favorite Band? Amazon prime shuffle, I can't choose just one

Favorite Music? Depends on the mood, sometimes rock, sometimes rap, indie, EDM - you name it, I'm all over the map

Hobbies other than climbing? There are hobbies other than climbing?

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