Nico Sapien

Climber Spotlight // Nico Sapien

Hometown: Elk Grove

Currently: Elk Grove

Status: Kickass

Marital Status: Taken ( sorry ladies )

Offspring: None and none anytime soon

Profession: Lifeguard and volunteer firefighter

Home Gym: Pipeworks! 

Preferred type of climbing: Trad or Sport

Favorite place to climb: Anywhere outdoors

Favorite Food: Any kind of pasta

Favorite Beverage: Coke 

How long have you been climbing? Ten Months!

Why do you climb? because i like the thrill and challenging myself and being able to see raw nature

Favorite Band? Kash'ed Out

Favorite Music? Reggae/ Rock

Hobbies other than climbing? Swimming, Wrestling and Playing music 

Anything else? i Have and album on Spotify under the name Nico Sapien

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