FNGRJAM is a hand salve for climbers & PAWJAM is an all-natural salve for your pups doing bad-ass stuff like hiking, backpacking, & long walks on the beach.

We are based in Sacramento, CA you can order here: https://www.fngrjam.com

Thank you for your videos and comments!!
Craig Mckinnon, Nick Covington, Wayne Gregory, Diana Flores Gallagher, Ryan Gallagher, Eliana, Joe Maier, Scott Kugler, Ellen Baker, Katherine Verseman, Kristin Brumfield, Ryan Rougeux, Thomas Monson, Joey Couk, Nick Lozica, Julie Jean, Marcus Cortvriendt, Johnny Schwede, Andre Abille, Dave Plesniak, Wolfgang Schwan, Womxn Works, Gladys Cox, Andrea Carlomagno, Josh Leechman, Steven Podsidnik, Phil Czabot, Mike Coffman, Stephen Dobbs, Yvette Waters, The Front SLC, Tracie Johnston, Poncho, Whipper, Cinco, Gabriel Flynn, Isha Lloyd, ‘Tricia Paskerta, Tufas Boulder Lounge

Additional Acknowledgements:
Amy Talbot, Wilderdog, Bay Miry, CRAGS, Hearts for Paws Rescue, Vaughn Medford, Pipeworks, Touchstone, Shawn Kahan, Christa Magness, Scott Estrada, Sam Blankenship, Neil Matouka Our Family of Ambassadors, Gyms, & Shops Most of All of our Loyal Climbing Community

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