Conrad Frausto

Climber Spotlight // Conrad Frausto

Conrad Frausto, Shuteye Ridge, Climber, bouldering, California

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Currently:  Oakland, CA

Status: Work hard .. Play hard .. Be kind and laugh every chance you get!
Marital Status: @kimmyropegun is my everything!
Offspring: Dog (Obi), Cat (Ozzy)
Profession: Pipeline Operator 

Home Gym:  Touchstone, GWPC, Ironworks 

Preferred type of climbing: Sport, Trad, and Bouldering 

Favorite place to climb: Kalymnos, Tuolumne Meadows, Indian Creek, Red River Gorge 

Favorite Food: Double Baked Almond Croissants

Favorite Beverage: Bourbon 🥃

How long have you been climbing? 17 years 

Why do you climb? Because it truly unleashes the human spirit and introduces you to new people and places all over the world!

Favorite Band? TV On The Radio 📺📻

Favorite Music? Too many to list .. but my favorite MC is Mos Def!

Hobbies other than climbing? Photography, Snowboarding, Sleeping! 

Anything else? Yes, don't drive slow in the fast lane!

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